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What is a synonym?

The word synonym comes from the Greek syn?nymos. It means “equal” and is used to describe a word that is equal or close to equal in meaning to another word. That allows you to swap up the words in the same context. Using synonyms enriches your style of writing and speaking. The bigger variety of words you use in a conversation, the more precise you can be. Rich vocabulary is a very positive aspect in any language.

What is an antonym?

Antonym is a term denoting the opposite, meaning inverse of a word; antonyms are opposite terms. The field dealing with antonyms, among other things, is called lexicology. Examples of antonyms: warm - cold, fat - thin, empty – full. The word “antonym” also has its’ own antonym – the word “synonym”.


amazing = awesome
game room = playroom
delay = wait
modern = innovative
link = connection

The advantage of synonyms is their different wording with the same meaning. This enables you to give an appropriate emotional and logical meaning to your speech, and determines your style of communication.


modern = old style
link = disconnectedness
dock = undock
generally = narrowly
antonym = synonym

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