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Clear Synonyms

Synonym of clear: Find out how else you can define the word clear. 121 synonyms were found for the word clear.

  1. adjective clean-handed guiltless cleared innocent absolved exculpated exonerated vindicated
  2. adjective unclouded sunshiny shiny fair sunny bright shining serene cloudless
  3. adjective clear-cut vivid lucid trenchant unsubtle broad prima facie clear limpid pellucid comprehensible perspicuous unmistakable luculent definite crystal clear unambiguous comprehendible distinct
  4. adjective clean unclouded pure light
  5. adjective clean unqualified
  6. adjective clean-cut clear-cut distinct
  7. adjective clearheaded clear-thinking
  8. adjective unfrosted liquid crystal clear semitransparent transparent hyaloid clear crystalline lucid translucent pellucid unclouded hyaline limpid
  9. adjective readable decipherable legible
  10. adjective free
  11. adjective net nett
  12. adjective open unobstructed
  13. adjective percipient discerning
  14. adjective perfect
  15. adjective unblemished
  16. adjective unencumbered unmortgaged
  17. adjective untroubled
  18. adjective well-defined
  19. adverb all the way
  20. adverb clearly
  21. N/A
  22. noun open
  23. verb exculpate acquit assoil discharge exonerate
  24. verb authorise pass authorize
  25. N/A
  26. N/A
  27. verb brighten clear up light up
  28. verb crystalize elucidate crystallize straighten out illuminate clear up shed light on sort out crystallise crystalise enlighten
  29. verb clear up
  30. N/A
  31. N/A
  32. N/A
  33. verb pull in realize make bring in realise earn take in gain
  34. N/A
  35. verb net
  36. verb sack up sack net
  37. verb pass
  38. N/A
  39. N/A
  40. N/A
  41. N/A
  42. verb solve
  43. N/A
  44. verb top
  45. verb clear off clear away unclutter
  46. N/A

Clear Antonyms

Opposite of clear: Found 8 words.

  1. verb bounce clutter convict overcast
  2. adjective ill-defined unclear cloudy opaque

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