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Loose Synonyms

Synonym of loose: Find out how else you can define the word loose. 54 synonyms were found for the word loose.

  1. adjective free on the loose at large escaped
  2. adjective sloppy flyaway baggy loose-fitting lax
  3. adjective wanton promiscuous unchaste light sluttish easy
  4. adjective free inexact liberal
  5. adjective free
  6. adjective friable silty shifting unconsolidated light unfirm sandy
  7. adjective irresponsible idle
  8. adjective unofficial informal
  9. adjective insecure
  10. adjective regular unconstipated lax
  11. adjective harsh coarse open
  12. adjective phlegmy
  13. adjective lax slack
  14. adjective unaffixed
  15. adjective unbound
  16. adjective uncontrolled
  17. adjective unpackaged
  18. adverb free
  19. verb release free unloose liberate
  20. verb loosen
  21. verb loosen relax
  22. verb unleash let loose

Loose Antonyms

Opposite of loose: Found 6 words.

  1. verb stiffen confine stiffen
  2. adjective affixed compact tight

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