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Open Synonyms

Synonym of open: Find out how else you can define the word open. 82 synonyms were found for the word open.

  1. adjective active
  2. adjective assailable vulnerable undefended undefendable
  3. adjective available
  4. adjective heart-to-heart ingenuous artless candid
  5. adjective capable susceptible subject
  6. adjective unobstructed clear
  7. adjective unprotected exposed
  8. adjective harsh loose coarse
  9. adjective nonunion
  10. adjective staring wide agape wide-eyed yawning gaping agaze opened
  11. adjective unsealed opened
  12. adjective opened open unfastened yawning unstoppered unsealed
  13. adjective raw overt unconcealed naked public undisguised expressed visible barefaced bald explicit
  14. adjective public
  15. adjective acceptant acceptive hospitable admissive receptive assimilative
  16. adjective unconstricted
  17. adjective unsettled undecided unresolved undetermined
  18. adjective unenclosed
  19. adjective wide-open unfastened open ajar
  20. adjective unrestricted
  21. noun clear
  22. noun out-of-doors open ai outdoors
  23. noun surface
  24. verb afford give
  25. verb open up
  26. verb open up
  27. verb open up
  28. verb open up
  29. verb open up
  30. verb open up
  31. verb spread spread ou unfold

Open Antonyms

Opposite of open: Found 12 words.

  1. verb close close close fold close close
  2. adjective closed unreceptive closed shut covert closed

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