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Press Synonyms

Synonym of press: Find out how else you can define the word press. 40 synonyms were found for the word press.

  1. noun crush jam
  2. noun fourth estate
  3. noun insistence insistency imperativeness pressur
  4. noun mechanical press
  5. noun military press
  6. noun pressure pressing
  7. noun printing press
  8. noun public press
  9. noun wardrobe closet
  10. verb adjure beseech entreat bid conjur
  11. verb constrict squeeze compress compact contrac
  12. verb crusade agitat push fight campaign
  13. verb iron out iron
  14. verb press out
  15. verb push
  16. verb urge urge on exhort
  17. verb weigh
  18. verb weightlift weight-lift

Press Antonyms

Opposite of press: Found 0 words.

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