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Raise Synonyms

Synonym of raise: Find out how else you can define the word raise. 64 synonyms were found for the word raise.

  1. noun ascent upgrade climb rise acclivity
  2. noun heave lift
  3. noun hike wage increase rise wage hike salary increase
  4. verb fire provoke kindle elicit enkindle evoke arouse
  5. verb bring up
  6. verb call fort conjure invoke put forward bring up evoke arouse conjure up call down stir
  7. verb enhance heighten
  8. verb rear erect set up put up
  9. verb grow farm produce
  10. verb prove leaven
  11. verb lift up elevate bring up get up lift
  12. verb lift
  13. verb elevate lift
  14. verb lift
  15. verb lift
  16. verb upgrade advance promote elevate kick upstairs
  17. verb bring up nurture rear parent
  18. verb recruit levy
  19. verb resurrect upraise

Raise Antonyms

Opposite of raise: Found 4 words.

  1. noun descent
  2. verb demote level lower

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