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Spread Synonyms

Synonym of spread: Find out how else you can define the word spread. 47 synonyms were found for the word spread.

  1. adjective distributed dispersed
  2. adjective outspread extended
  3. adjective prepared
  4. noun banquet feast
  5. noun bed covering bedcover bed cover bedspread counterpane
  6. noun gap
  7. noun paste
  8. noun ranch cattle ranch cattle farm
  9. noun scatter
  10. noun spreadhead spread head facing pages
  11. noun spreading
  12. noun spreading
  13. verb propagate disperse pass aroun disseminate circulate diffuse circularise circularize broadcast distribute
  14. verb spread out diffuse fan out
  15. verb distribute spread out
  16. verb circulate go around
  17. verb overspread
  18. verb propagate
  19. verb scatter spread out
  20. verb unfold spread out open

Spread Antonyms

Opposite of spread: Found 2 words.

  1. verb gather fold

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