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Base Synonyms

Synonym of base: Find out how else you can define the word base. 58 synonyms were found for the word base.

  1. adjective basal basic
  2. adjective humble baseborn lowly lowborn
  3. adjective illegitimate baseborn
  4. adjective imitative counterfeit
  5. adjective wrong immoral dishonourable unethical dishonorable
  6. adjective inferior
  7. adjective ignoble mean meanspirited
  8. noun alkali
  9. noun Qaeda al-Qaeda al-Qa'ida al-Qaida Base
  10. noun bag
  11. noun base of operations
  12. noun fundament basis foundation groundwork cornerstone
  13. noun basis
  14. noun floor
  15. noun understructur foot foundation substructure fundament groundwork
  16. noun home
  17. noun infrastructure
  18. noun stand pedestal
  19. noun radix
  20. noun root stem theme radica root word
  21. verb found establish ground
  22. verb free-base
  23. verb send place station post

Base Antonyms

Opposite of base: Found 0 words.

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